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Boulder Mine
Boulder Mine

Low-resolution historical photographs may be downloaded from this website. Higher-resolution historical photos are available for a nominal fee. Please respect copyrighted material by including the source.

The Roads of Rescue (submitted by Linda Mcbeath)
People of Rescue (submitted by Linda Mcbeath)
Martha Ann Smith Diary – Travel to Kanaka Valley (1854)

Rescue Area (Submitted by John Best)
Gold survey 1848 – First Known Area Map (Submitted by Jim Steelquist)
Luneman Area (Submitted by John Best)
Western El Dorado County (Submitted by John Best)
EDC Assessor Map 1910 (Hi Res) (Submitted by John Best)
Western El Dorado County, 1883

Rust family – Pleasant Grove House (Produced by Marilyn Gilham)

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